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 These last two weeks were probably the dumbest weeks I ever had. Referring to health. Been feeling sick back and forth. Right now I have a cold, slightly rough one, I hate having a runny nose and a bad voice. Sounds like I am in the bathroom or something lol. And it really sucks when you're not even home when you're sick! I've been sitting in bed for almost 24h now, wasn't able to eat much but funny I was on the computer chattin' and playin' chess trying to stimulate my brain although I wasn't functional 100% (thank god to whomever invented laptops!!!) and I am heck of bored right now though (It's....precisely 16:13). Ahaha. Oh. Last night I fell asleep at around 11ish with the laptop on my lap. I feel bad for those who tried messaging me on MSN, lol, I wasn't quiet on intention! But now I feel like I want to go outside and run.....I think I will do it. Yeah. And take some pictures. So after a few years when I'll read this entry I can laugh at it really hard.

I also was to the doctor to see why I was having awful back pains two weeks ago. And she said I am suspected with kidney stones, but that is not 100% sure, so I was sent to make blood analyzes last Wed. I will be getting results on Mon. And on the same day, I will prolly go and make X-Rays to be sure about it. To be honest, I kinda regret I didn't go sooner when my good friend nagged me to do it. There were so many reasons why I didn't. Oh well....I can't reverse time. But hopefully things won't be too harsh. 

There were some good things that happened during these weeks tho. I got good marks on my tests and some projects so it's all cool now. First semester of my 4th year in HS ends soon. I am looking forward in getting fairly nice grades. Also social activities are better, I feel more in the center of attention lately....I don't mind it much but yeah. My maties made me laugh all the way through. :)

And out I go! I love this sunset we're having right now, so I better go out and enjoy snow! With a bunch of napkins lmao.

I'm being a n00b for once again...
 Yeah, me for the first time on here. Apparently is about 2:00 in the morning and I still didn't go to sleep. Yay me. What interesting things can I post here? I don't know. Perhaps some mini ramblings (or mega huge ones) from time-to-time. Apparently I am too poor to buy a dreaded pen and a notebook and write all my thoughts over there where it's private, but sadly I see it as something completely childish so I won't tap my fingers on them.
So yeah, expect something hysterical or less to be posted here in the near near future.


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